Global Energy Metals Corp. | Global Energy Metals and American Battery Metals Corporation Align to Bolster North American Mineral and Energy Independence

Global Energy Metals and American Battery Metals Corporation Align to Bolster North American Mineral and Energy Independence

September 22, 2021

Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / September 22, 2021 / Global Energy Metals Corporation TSXV:GEMC | OTCQB:GBLEF | FSE:5GE1 (“Global Energy Metals”, the “Company” and/or “GEMC”), a company involved in investment exposure to the battery metals supply chain, is pleased to announce the entering of a collaborative agreement with American Battery Metals Corporation (OTCQB: ABML) to expand the company’s scope by developing solutions to manufacture nickel and cobalt battery metals domestically in addition to its existing work on domestic lithium product manufacturing.  American Battery Metals Corporation is an American-owned lithium-ion battery recycling technology and advanced battery metal extraction company with mineral resources in Nevada, which is in the process of changing its name to American Battery Technology Company (“ABTC”).  The companies will evaluate strategic cooperative opportunities that could enable securing a stable supply of battery minerals critical for the electrification of vehicles and energy storage to the North American market.


  • Collaborative agreement entered into between GEMC and ABTC,
  • ABTC expands primary battery metal extraction development to include nickel and cobalt resources in addition to lithium, and
  • GEMC to supply raw material from its Lovelock and Treasure Box projects in Nevada to undergo ABTC’s in-house procedure of developing new first-of-kind processes for producing battery cathode grade nickel and cobalt metal sulfates, and
  • Evaluating strategic cooperative opportunities that could enable securing a stable supply of battery minerals critical for the electrification of vehicles and energy storage to the North American market.

We are truly excited to be collaborating with American Battery Technology Company, given the shared vision both companies have in securing and building a North American supply of critical and strategic battery minerals while using technology to support the future of electrified transportation," said Mitchell Smith, President & CEO of Global Energy Metals Corp. “The combination of ABTC’s leading-edge extraction technology development processes with Global Energy’s portfolio of nickel and cobalt projects creates mutually beneficial opportunities that could bolster and secure a much needed supply of minerals deemed “critical” by the Canadian and US governments.

Our partnership between American Battery Technology Company and Global Energy Metals Corporation represents a complementary and actionable effort towards establishing a North American supply of critical and strategic materials that will fuel the global transition towards an electrified and domestic closed-loop circular economy,” said ABTC’s CEO and CTO Ryan Melsert. “While our lithium-ion battery recycling facilities will be first to market and allow us to make an immediate impact on addressing these global challenges, by allocating the bench scale resources now to also be developing processes for the production of battery grade nickel and cobalt from primary materials we will be in the position to subsequently commercialize this additional set of technologies.

For the last two years, the ABTC team has worked to develop an in-house process to extract battery-grade lithium from domestic Nevada based deposits.  The company has owned land and leased mining claims with lithium bearing resources throughout Nevada for many years, however simply having access to battery metal resources does not in itself contribute to addressing our global challenges.  The majority of brine and surface sedimentary deposits in Nevada are considered unconventional, as their concentrations of lithium and the mechanisms by which the lithium is deposited within these host sites are very different than at established commercial scale lithium product manufacturing sites.  As a result, applying existing conventional process flowsheet technologies to these resources would have resulted in extraction and conversion processes that were not economically competitive in the current market.

To address this challenge, when the ABTC team evaluated brine and surface sedimentary resources over the past two years, it chose to develop new first-of-kind processes based on first-principles physics that were specifically targeted at these types of lithium bearing resources rather than adopt existing conventional processes.  The resulting development efforts through analytical modeling, bench scale empirical trials, and techno-economic analyses led to ABTC’s current in-house developed process for the manufacturing of battery grade lithium hydroxide from Nevada-based surface sedimentary lithium bearing resources that is currently being scaled up to a 5 metric tonne per day field demonstration system through the support of a grant from the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office Critical Materials program.

The domestic production of battery grade lithium materials is extremely important to supporting the burgeoning battery manufacturing industry, however it isn’t the only critical or strategic battery metal required.  As a result, ABTC is excited to have entered into a collaborative agreement with GEMC in order to undergo a similar procedure of developing new first-of-kind processes for producing battery cathode grade nickel and cobalt metal sulfates from Nevada-based resources held by GEMC.  This fundamental development work will consist of rigorous thermodynamic analytic modeling, bench scale empirical trials, and techno-economic analyses to quantify the competitiveness of the developed process flowsheets against current market conditions, as highlighted by ABTC’s CEO and CTO Ryan Melsert in this linked video interview.  

In parallel to the development stage work of its battery metal extraction technologies division, ABTC will continue to focus on the construction and commercialization of its lithium-ion battery recycling pilot plant in Fernley, NV., currently in the final pre-construction, permitting stage. When operations commence, ABTC’s pilot plant will be scaled to process 20K metric tons of feedstock per year, which will produce battery grade materials to be redeployed into the North American battery supply chain.    

About American Battery Metals Corporation
American Battery Metals Corporation (OTCQB:ABML) is uniquely positioned to supply battery metals through its three divisions: lithium-ion battery recycling, battery metal extraction technologies, and primary resources development. The Company issued a public statement outlining its principled approach to executing its ambitious business plan.

American Battery Technology Company has built a clean technology platform that increases production of primary metals used in the batteries that power electric cars, grid storage applications, and consumer electronics and tools. The green platform creates a circular economy for battery metals that champions ethical and environmentally sustainable sourcing of critical materials.

Global Energy Metals Corporation

Global Energy Metals Corp. offers investment exposure to the growing rechargeable battery and electric vehicle market by building a diversified global portfolio of exploration and growth-stage battery mineral assets.

Global Energy Metals recognizes that the proliferation and growth of the electrified economy in the coming decades is underpinned by the availability of battery metals, including cobalt, nickel, copper, lithium and other raw materials. To be part of the solution and respond to this electrification movement, Global Energy Metals has taken a ‘consolidate, partner and invest’ approach and in doing so have assembled and are advancing a portfolio of strategically significant investments in battery metal resources.

As demonstrated with the Company’s current copper, nickel and cobalt projects in Canada, Australia, Norway and the United States, GEMC is investing-in, exploring and developing prospective, scaleable assets in established mining and processing jurisdictions in close proximity to end-use markets. Global Energy Metals is targeting projects with low logistics and processing risks, so that they can be fast tracked to enter the supply chain in this cycle.  The Company is also collaborating with industry peers to strengthen its exposure to these critical commodities and the associated technologies required for a cleaner future.

Securing exposure to these critical minerals powering the eMobility revolution is a generational investment opportunity. Global Energy Metals believe the the time to be part of this electrification movement.

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